Insect Identification

Use the charts below to help identify what insects could be affecting your home and landscape.

Resource Links

Below you will find links for more information about landscape maintenance & how to deal with problem issues in your lawn and home.

Auburn University

The University of Georgia

Alabama Cooperative Extension System

National Parks Service

West Virginia University

Spring is tick season: protect your home with these steps

Homeowners beware- spring is just around the corner, and as the weather begins to heat up, the ticks begin to wake up.

How To Make Homemade Bug Traps and Repellants

People burn a lot of money each year trying to fight and kill bugs and it can get pretty expensive not to mention most of the sprays and traps are toxic. Why not try making one yourself?

Raccoons In Your Attic? Benefits of Live-Trapping

Small pests and rodents aren’t the only things trying to get into your house. Raccoons, opossums, and skunks often find their way into our attics and under our porches which can be a nuisance.